About Us

Best Entertainment Company in Loudoun and Northern Virginia

JDT Entertainment is the leading Loudoun and Northern Virginia Entertainment company. Our company was founded on August 2012 by Lawrence Charles and Rita Swift, who since then have turned the company into a household name. Since 2012 JDT Entertainment has had more than 10,000,000 visit our networks. JDT Entertainment is proud to be the leading music production, video production and entertainment company in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia region. We are the best entertainment company on the East coast, and what makes our company JDT Entertainment so special is that we are also a music label.

Our label JDT Entertainment is one of several companies in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia to have had artist hit over a million views on YouTube and on other social media platforms. Our technology department is ran by some of the brightest mind in the DMV. As the leading music label in Northern Virginia, we offer artist many different services ranging from artist management, music production, video production, marketing, web design services, web application design, and much more.

JDT Entertainment work with some of the best music production, video production, and technology companies around the world, to bring our clients and artist the best value for their dollar. Our company never cut’s corner’s, JDT Entertainment main mission is to make sure that the world know that we are the best Entertainment company on the East coast. JDT Entertainment has built a solid reputation in its 5 years in existence and we owe it to our clients and staff to make sure that our company stay’s on top of the music and entertainment business.

Our company will never let you down or cut corners, and we are always working on different ways to bring you quality content, we’re not in the business of doing sloppy work. JDT Entertainment will always deliver on time and with excellent quality. Whether you’re a business or an individual who needs music production, video production, web design, application design, artist development, marketing call our company today!

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