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Artist and Music Management – JDT Entertainment

Artist and Music Management

JDT Entertainment offers artist and music management services to those musician’s who aspire to reach the upper tier of the music industry! If you’re looking for a company to help manage your music career, then JDT Entertainment is the company for you. Whether you’re looking for a artist manager, talent manager, band manager, or a music manager JDT Entertainment has the resources for you to be successful!

Our company is not saying that if you have no talent, that we can turn you into a star, we are a entertainment company not a magic cult. When you hire JDT Entertainment for artist and music management services, our mission is to is to oversee the day-to-day business affairs of an artist; advise and counsel talent concerning professional matters, long-term plans and personal decisions which may affect their career.

JDT Entertainment works with many studios, music production, video production and i.t teams to deliver the best services possible. Depending on a artist or company budget, JDT Entertainment goal is to make sure as our client you receive the best value for your dollar. Our company never cuts corners, as long as an artist has the drive, talent, look, JDT Entertainment is willing to work with the artist.

JDT Entertainment music manager (or band manager) may handle career areas for bands, singers, and DJs. A music manager may be hired by a musician or band, or the manager may discover the band, and the relationship is usually contractually bound with mutual assurances, warranties, performances guarantees, and so forth. The manager’s main job is to help with determining decisions related to career moves, bookings, promotion, business deals, recording contracts, etc. The role of music managers can be extensive and may include similar duties to that of a press agent, promoter, booking agent, business manager (who are usually certified public accountants), tour managers, and sometimes even a personal assistant.

anager’s contracts, however, cannot license those responsibilities unto the manager in the same way a state license would empower the agent to do so. Therefore, conflicting areas of interest may arise unless those are clarified in the contract. That said, a manager should be able to read and understand and explain a contract and study up on the long-term implications of contractual agreements that they, the bands, and the people they do business with, enter into. Before the manager enters into an agreement with the band, their relationship may be regarded as competing for interest; after a good contract is signed, their interests, obligations and incentives are aligned, and the interest in success is shared.

JDT Entertainment responsibilities of a music manager are often divided among many who manage various aspects of a musical career. With an unsigned act, JDT Entertainment music managers may assume multiple roles: graphic designer, publicist, promoter, and handling money and finances. As an artist’s career develops, responsibilities may grow, and because of their percentage agreement with the band, the manager’s income may grow as well.

JDT Entertainment music manager’s are important to managing the many different pieces that make up a career in music. The manager can assist singers, songwriters, and instrumentalists in molding a career, finding music producers, and developing relationships with record companies, publishers, agents, and the music-loving public. They should carefully consider when certain contributions have been made which would also entitle them to co-writing credits, Executive Producer credit, or Producer credit should they become involved in songwriting, financing works, or actually producing demos and recordings, and should carefully know these jobs and these fees should be considered either as separate from the contract, in addition to the contract, or as free to the musician as clarified in emails and the contract.

The duties of an active music manager may include supporting the band’s development of a reputation for the musicians and building a fan base, which may include mastering and launching a demo CD, developing and releasing press kits, planning promotional activities, creating social network identities for bands, and booking shows. A music manager may be present during recording sessions and should support the artist during the creative process while not interfering between the artist and the producer, but musicians may also find valuable feedback in the extra pair of ears and this should be carefully considered as well. The manager may gain access to a recording studio, photographers, and promotions. He or she will see that CD labels, posters, and promotional materials appropriately represent the band or artist, and that press kits are released in a timely manner to appropriate media. Launching a CD with complementary venues and dates is also a music manager’s responsibility.

Among all the business and professional responsibilities that JDT Entertainment music managers assume, they also become a pseudo parent for the group and help with personal matters usually. This is both for the psyche of the group and to ensure that things are running smoothly.

Early on in an artist’s career, JDT Entertainment management and marketing fall upon either the band itself or, if they have one, their manager. Because the band or artist is relatively unknown initially, promotion, booking, and touring are minimal. A new music manager begins by establishing a clear understanding of what the artist’s want. This can be accomplished through either a written or verbal contract. A music manager’s first task is to solidify all artist development aspects and then concentrate on product development.

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