JDT Entertainment offers all types of entertainment to the Loudoun county, District of Columbia, Maryland, and all of Northern Virginia. JDT Entertainment is a film production company, TV production company, video game company, web design company, that’s what makes us the best entertainment company.

JDT Entertainment is a motion picture company, specializing in motion pictures is what JDT Entertainment does. We have some of the best producer or movie directors in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia metro area. JDT Entertainment work with other major media or entertainment companies to provide our clients or customers with the best value for their dollar. JDT Entertainment is connected with its other counterpart through its parent company IGoUnitedForChange LLC. Instead of performing a corporate reorganization, JDT Entertainment motion picture division have many sister companies we collaborate with, that are subsidiaries owned by their parent company and is involved in the making of products that are motion picture related. Our production company operate as an affiliate for our entertainment company, motion picture company, television network, or all, and are all general partners through the company IGoUFC.

People say that it’s impossible for the mainstream film, music, television, and publishing companies to exist as they have for many decades. Smith and Telang counter this viewpoint because, they contend, the fundamentals of the business have changed drastically. Where once it was enough to make and own great content — the province of movie studios, record labels, and publishing houses — now that is no longer enough. In today’s world it is possible to own the audience, and massive amounts of audience data represent a near insurmountable competitive advantage. The big question is whether large companies will take this information to heart and change their business models before it’s too late and data-driven companies, like Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes, leverage their understanding of the audience to topple a century-old Behemoth.

JDT Entertainment is changing that concept we’re helping the little guy’s take on the big guys, as the leading entertainment company in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Northern Virginia, we plan on becoming the next best thing. If you’re looking for entertainment venues, we offer premium content on our website and YouTube Channel. Call us today at 571-252-9748!

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