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Shafone Collier And Taylor Swift


“No Genre Hit” is the best thing smoking right now. I think Shafone Collier And Taylor Swift should drop a single at least on her new release No Genre Hit. Shafone Collier has come from humble beginings, and so she understand the streets and struggle. Ludacris voice and street mentality, this could be a head banger. The voice on Shaffone Collier is amazing she is one of the better Artist out right now from the East coast. She has a better voice than Beyonce I think. She is very classy lady just like Taylor Swift something the game been missing for a long time, she is orignal. What made us come to this young lady and made us get behind her, was she wasn’t on no boojie nonsense, her manager Clever looked us straight in the eye and told us they want to do business. So our goal is to get Shafone Collier And Taylor Swift on a track together and record a video together, hopefully Scott Hansen will shoot it. “No Genre hit” with Shafone Collier And Taylor Swift would be a Summer Jam killer I think it would make the Billboards top 100 easily, especially top 7.


If yall sleeping on this girl, its a mistake to do it. She already has the voice of an angel that fell down from heaven, beautiful. Speaking of beautiful she’s also a good looking young girl, thats motivated to get in the game. So watch out for a possible 2013 collab with Shafone Collier And Taylor Swift which should be a head banger. Virginia, D.C, New York, Los Angelos, London, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, watch out a star is born. Shaffone Collier is her name and she’s not a game yall, So JDT Entertainment will make that collab between Shafone Collier And Taylor Swift, if not on this song you better believe it’ll be somewhere else.

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