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Babalu Vienna Racist Arab Club Owners

Babalu is a hookah bar located in Vienna, Virginia. Vienna is located in Fairfax Virginia, which is the second richest county in the nation second to Loudoun county. Babalu owner is a man name Fabio and has ties to a man name Albert Andrawos, who is his business partner. Albert Andrawos is a racist man who rips off African American’s and Hispanic’s, by not paying them after they do work for his construction company HomeTech Exterior. Albert Andrawos is also a snitch who work’s for the police of Fairfax, Loudoun county, Virginia Beach, Virginia. Albert Andrawos is also a snitch for Montgomery county, Maryland as well. Albert Andrawos is a man that can’t be trusted, and he is tied to the Babalu night club/ hookah bar.

On the morning of 1/18/2017, a friend of mine’s who’s never been to Babalu was invited to see the place. My friend is an Army veteran, and also a musician who has million’s of views on his YouTube channel. Me and my friend decided to buy alcohol beverages while we were inside of Babalu, we probably spent $300 dollars inside of the place within a few minutes. We decided to go on the dance floor so we could dance and try to have a great time. While we was on the dance floor, I noticed an obese man approach my friend. The man started grabbing my friend and my friend said leave my alone Albert 5 times. This Albert character started boasting that he and his friend own the club, and he called my friend a nigger. Upon hearing this my friend walked away, a few minutes later security grabbed the drink’s out my friend hand, and asked him to follow them outside, so I decided to follow them outside as well.

Security asked my friend to leave, my friend asked them why, the security officers gave him no reason, and so my friend asked for his money back. Security refused and waved down 2 Fairfax police officer’s, who began asking my friend questions, The Farifax county officer’s immediately put my friend in handcuff. They said he had a warrant for his arrest, my friend said nonsense, but thank God my friend know’s the law better then most lawyers. So a few minutes went by, and they let my friend go. The Security officers who were working Babalu was from the Fairfax police department. These men were doing security were truly trying to set my friend up for a fall for these evil men that owned this club. I wouldn’t recommend anybody of color go to Babalu because Albert Andrawos and Fabian have no regard for people of color, and will take your money. For one of the owner’s to call my friend a nigger is digusting!

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Worst Parents in The World Tranessa Waters and Antwan Smith

Tranessa Waters and Antwan Smith are the worst parent’s in the world, and it’s a crazy situation cause children are involved, 2 to be exact. Tranessa Waters is a known prostitute from Leesburg Virginia, and has sold her cheap body in Atlanta, California, Washington D.C, Maryland, and the list goes on. Antwan Smith is just the biggest loser in the world, he pimps Tranessa Waters to get money, Antwan Smith admitted to it. Now Tranessa also goes by the name Nessa, and Antwan goes by the name Kash. I still don’t know why Antwan goes by the name Kash, this is a guy that goes and steals inside of stores so he can look nice riding the bus.

Tranessa Waters and Antwan smith have one child together, his name is Carter, he’s two years old. Now Tranessa is never with Carter or her other daughter Asia, because she’s on the road selling her cheap body like we said. You can call Prince William county and see that Asia, Tranessa’s daughter had miss a lot of days in school. Tranessa would rather sniff coke all night, and be a cheap fluzzy then do the right things by her kids. I mean what do you expect a woman that didn’t graduate high school, I mean she has time to sell her body for coke but don’t have time to properly take care of her kids. I mean the situation is a hot mess and one of the biggest losers I know, she stay taking losses.

Here you have 2 idiots that are breeding and making more idiots, Tranessa was trying to get people to print fake paystubs so she could get on section 8 out Winchester. So you clearly see that these 2 need to live in WV somewhere away from civilization. So here you have Antwan Smith pimping his son’s mother Tranessa, and is very proud of it. So if you see these two, know that their not civilize people but 2 clowns trying to look cool, Tranessa is a liar and a scam artist, this is a woman if you not careful and smart that will steal from you. She will twist stories about you to take the attention off her and the fact that she’s a whore. Below is the Screenshot of Antwan Smith admitting he pimps Tranessa Waters. somebody need to get both those children away from the circus.

kash screenshot_20170101-174321 screenshot_20170101-174352 screenshot_20170101-174357 screenshot_20170101-174417 screenshot_20170101-174517

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4,000,000 For JDT Entertainment

With JDT Entertainment LLC under new management, and new ownership. JDT Entertainment has become a behemoth in the Northern Virginia media and entertainment business. JDT Entertainment is 4 years old, and the website has had millions of people visit it’s platform.  And has done business with many local small businesses in the Northern Virginia as well. JDT Entertainment offers more than music, it does marketing, web design, seo, and business solution as some of it’s services. We have hit 4 million mark, on all of our social media platforms.

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JDT Entertainment donates to local children

JDT Entertainnment donates to a charity event for kids, the Fraternal Order of Police ran the event. JDT Entertainment donated $500 dollars to local children, these children come from needy families that can’t afford toys for the holiday. Please if you can donate at least $20 to the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #69, to help needy children. Call John OhrnBerger 7038031178 for more information. Chief Executive Officer John Viera said that “we are no enemy to the police, and as a minority owned company that we will set the tone for the community, and that with greater cooperation that we can send less men to jail. That the police vs black men mentality needs to stop even on the police side of business. So we will show them we will be here for you and the community.” JDT Entertainment is the leading label and entertainment company in Loudoun.

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Loudoun Music Production and Studio

Best Loudoun Music Production company

JDT Entertainment has partnered with D-Colee and Eddie Winchester, who are some of Northern Virginia hottest producer’s and engineer’s. By doing this We’ve become the most powerful music production company in Loudoun county.
Our company JDT Entertainment was already years ahead in the music production business. Now that we have our own studio and two of the hottest engineer’s in the music business, it makes us a powerhouse. Our studio has the latest software and technology to produce whatever sound our client’s might need. Whether it’s Classical, Rap, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Pop, our music production team will have you sounding good. Our company offer the best equipment for the job, we have the latest computer’s, server’s, keyboard, microphones, and software.
We have been doing this for more than 10 years, and have made a name for ourselves, and we promise if you hire JDT Entertainment, we will have you song, record, album sound better than most of these artist. Give us a call today at (571)252-9748 to schedule an appointment. We’re the best Loudoun music production company.

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Terry Charles ft D-Colee and Infumous Drop Hit Ricky Bobby

Check out Northern Virginia artist Terry Charles, D-Colee and Infumous perform the hit song Ricky Bobby.


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JDT Entertainment present L’s Harper


Check out the freshest artist out of Harlem, New York, L’s Harper. We met and sat down with L’s May of 2015, L’s was just a cool cat and generous to all the people around him, and I shared similar qualities to him. What I really liked about L’s was that he was just real and nothing was fake about him. We not going to get into detail’s about L’s but check out one of his latest videos. I think in my opinion L’s is one of the better rapper’s I’ve seen come out of Ny in a while to be honest. Not only that he’s very hard working and dedicated to his work and talent. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.




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